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My Story

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June 11, 2017 Comments Off on My Story

In this first post I want to share with you my story. Not because I think is super cool but because I want to inspire you to reach your goals and believe that if you dream big and if you do what you have to do, there is no option but to shine. And by shine I mean be successful and reach your goals!

You know that feeling when you’re in the bathroom liking pictures and statuses on Facebook with your cellphone muted? Maybe thinking about your dreams and how many goals you have had in the past years and now they seem to be far away… You are scrolling down your cellphone screen as quickly and quietly as you can because you know your free time is going to end soon. You know that in less than two minutes, something is going to happen… either your kid will knock the door asking for you – “Moooommmmmmm!” – or a notification will pop up because it is time for another meeting. And you just want to sit in the bathroom in silence with yourself and with your dreams.

You’ve been there, right?

You are exhausted, but you know you have to come back to the real world and start over again being a working mom. And of course, you don’t want to be a crap mom, nor an average entrepreneur.

  • You want to be the best mom,
  • you want to be the best employee at work,
  • and also a fashionable one.
  • A successful, fashionable, working mom.
  • You want to be an entrepreneur,
  • and reach your goals,
  • and raise the smartest kids in the world.

WOW! Too many goals, to be honest!

No matter where you are in your career path, or how old your kids are, or if you are a mom/dad or not, or what kind of business you dream with.  You want your life to have a GREATER impact.  You want to be successful.

I’ve totally been there, in the bathroom, picturing myself and wondering if I can be successful and reach my goals. The last time I questioned myself was two years ago.

My story

I am Erika, mom of a beautiful daughter (8), and a step-mom of two superhero boys (11 and 8). I’m a wife and a system engineer. I am from Venezuela and have been living my dream in New York since 2015. Yes, that’s why I have a weird accent and maybe some writing mistakes; can someone even have an accent in writing?!

This is me!

I have been working in the IT world since 2005, but also in the marketing and business world. In fact, I have always had more than one job, I am a doer who loves to be busy and achieve all my goals. When I became a mom, I knew I had a purpose in life, and that is to give my daughter a better quality life, meaning working from home as an entrepreneur and moving 2,797 miles away from home, to the U.S. – not an easy goal, eh?

So, by 2012, I had a nine-to-five job (more like nine-to-nine) and started doing something to intentionally reach my goals by running a network marketing business. A few months later, my business took off and I quit my job to be a working-from-home entrepreneur mom, YAY!

I did it!

I reached my first goal; it was a very successful year! I was making five times my salary as a well-paid IT professional and helping people on my team to do the same. I developed a successful sales organization in three countries, from home.

By 2015, my husband’s kids moved to New York and I became more and more obsessed with my dream of moving to the U.S. to reunite them, I felt like I REALLY needed to do something. If you are a mom or a dad you can understand how hard can be away from your kids. So I researched on the Internet all the options I had. I went to lawyers, and I designed a plan on the kitchen table: a MASTER plan! It had specific goals and timelines. (I hope I can find it and post a picture soon.)

I spent days and nights looking for jobs in the U.S.; I started to study English again after many years, at the age of 33, when your language learning skills are not at their best. I applied to 78 jobs in the same company I was working with in my home country, and thousands at different companies all over the country – and all of them rejected my application.

But one.

I did it again!

And soon after… Boom! I got an offer in the U.S… in New York. Say no more!

Statistics say that in 2015 U.S. issued only around 21,000 visas for workers worldwide.  People were like “is impossible”.  I was like “I don’t care, I am a doer”.  I was one out of the twenty-something-thousands.

After all the issues an inmigration process may have (I have many creepy stories), I made it! We made it! We all moved to New York in winter 2015, from the Caribbean to NY. It was cold, but it felt like hell.

Sounds crazy, right? It was!

After many challenges, now I live in a beautiful house, in a quiet neighborhood close to the river, close to my step-kids, and even though I have a nine-to-five job again, I am successful, because I did it for my purpose. I did it because of my dream. I dreamed, did and shone. I have three happy and healthy kids; I have been awarded in my job three times in a year and I am even in the process to get a promotion. **UPDATE** since I published this post back on May, I was awarded two more times and I just got the good news about my promotion! 

I love to walk on 5th Avenue feeling I am a fashionable mom. I am raising healthy, smart, and lovely kids, and I am an entrepreneur, reaching new goals, dreaming, doing and shining more and more every day. Sometimes, I lose my sh*t, but…

A successful, fashionable, and entrepreneurial working mom who reaches all her goals! And that thing about the smartest kids too, HA!

And now, I want to help you in your journey. If you’re like me and have 8537503745 MILLION ideas, dreams, and goals floating through your head at the same time, I know how overwhelmed you feel and how hard it is to find the focus to start doing something to reach your goals.

  • I believe that if you have dreams, you can do something to make them come true by working focused in an unstoppable way.
  • I believe in plans; I believe in God’s master plans.
  • I believe we can all learn tools to live an intentional life.
  • I believe that all people in the world (meaning YOU) deserve success.
  • I believe YOU can shine and be successful if you get off the couch and work your *ss for it.
  • I believe that if you DREAM and DO, you can SHINE!

Maybe you have been thinking about to embark on a life change – starting a new business or make you wildest dream come true, but you feel you are too busy being a mom; or maybe you’ve already started your entrepreneurial journey, and you’re craving support, self-motivation and positive vibes while you navigate this path.

Whatever your reason…

I want you to step into your awesomeness and make that positive change in your life, make that freaking dream come true.

This is the deal: I want to help you reach your success like the superhero you are. I help my friends and readers to craft their master plan and believe in it. I want YOU to be successful because I know you can! I want you to DREAM big and SHINE.

If you are still here, 😃 yes, you are! Walk in, you will find a series of posts about How to reach your wildest dream in 6 steps (the same steps I took to reach my 2 super-goals).  I promise the next post is not going to be as long as this one!

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